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-- players are the same. mitt romney is trying to nudge his opponents toward the sidelines but so far they are not budging. >> reporter: he didn't win a knockout punch tuesday, but mitt romney's dell great lead is growing -- delegate lead is growing. upon here's the breakdown. romney way ahead with 38%, santorum 27%, gingrich and ron paul well behind. if romney was hoping his opponents would call it a day, it didn't happen. a santorum ally urged newt gingrich to abandon the race. the former house speaker said he'd only consider that if he thought santorum was sure to beat romney and then president obama. >> we win both alabama and mississippi next tuesday night, in is a whole new race for i think the ninth time. >> reporter: romney went only six of the ten contest, but the delegate mas is in his favor. increasing the president odds of winning in november. tell that to rick santorum. >> we've proven we can win out west, the upper midwest, the heart land, the south. >> reporter: in the overall race for delegates, romney is way ahead. he is leading with 419 delegates. nobody else even
the commander in chief? and what rick santorum said about mitt romney. a hundred game racks up big dollars at the box office. one of the biggest opening weekend of all time. >>brian: the rain is out of year from now. we have a storm on the way for tuesday. i will let you know when the rain is going to get here. i will let you know when the rain [ male announcer ]re. technology accelerates at a relentless pace. anything not moving forward is moving backward. [ tires screech ] [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the 2013 gs. with the lexus enform app suite, the most connected information and communication technology available in an automobile. [ tires screeching ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. >>vicki: the president is issuing a warning to north korea, he spoke during a visit to south korea. he and 50 other world leaders are at a nuclear security summit. there are suspicions that the satellite launched for north korea it is in an attempt for nuclear weapons. >>president obama: north korea and nose its obligations and must take irreversible steps to meet those
. it came down to the wire, but mitt romney is the projected winner in ohio. the latest win for romney on this super tuesday. rick santorum and newt gingrich also posted wins today, all trying to gather enough delegates to go up against president obama. >> reporter: it didn't have the most delegates of the ten super tuesday states but ohio was the biggest prize. no republican has ever won the white house without it, and tuesday's primary became a drawn-out challenge between mitt romney and rig santorum. in the end -- rick santorum. in the end, it gave romney's presidential bid a major win. romney put virginia, vermont, idaho, and massachusetts in his victory column earlier in the nights but said there's still a long way to go. >> always long hours, never enough time to get everything done. but on november 6th, we're going to stand united, not only having won an election but having saved a future. >> reporter: santorum picks up wins in oklahoma, tennessee, and north dakota. >> we're going to win a few, lose a few, but as it looks right now, we're going to get at least a couple of cold
to its current name. >>vicki: another victory for mitt romney. >> the president said he would cut the deficit in half. it is a double. he has 24 million americans out of work today. the median income has dropped. >>vicki: romney has more than 200 delegates now. the second days santorum with 92. it takes a 144 to win the nomination. the >>vicki: rush limbaugh apologize for comments he made about a georgetown university student, calling her a prostitute. >> temperatures in the '60s and oceans beat. ocean beach was briefly in the '70s this afternoon. sunny skies and degree of visibility. right now outside, a look at clear conditions of the city of san francisco. third sunday is another great day on the way. we have another storm coming our way for monday. a slight chance for a light rain monday night. meantime, sunny and warm for tomorrow. we will see clouds increasing monday night. nice temperatures in the east shore. los 70's, running about 10 degrees above average. another nice day at the beaches. sunshine and highs in the '70s for the north bay. so tuesday, mostly sunny but it do
romney is going home with the majority of them. republican voters took to the polls. once again they proved they're still not quite ready to unite behind one single gop presidential candidate. >> reporter: another must-win content for mitt romney. he claims victory in illinois. >> elections are about choices, and today hundreds of thousands of people in illinois have joined millions of people across the country to join our cause. >> reporter: romney is not leaving illinois with the entire pie. he'll have to share with the competition. santorum will take a slice. he finished second. the former senator opted to spend primary day in pennsylvania. >> we're going to win down state, central illinois, western illinois. we won the areas that reservetives and republicans populate. and we're happy about that. >> reporter: also absent from illinois, newt gingrich. he's focusing his attention in the conservative south where he's done best. he is channelling all his campaign resources into saturday's primary in louisiana, and taking on his toughest competition there. santorum. >> me lost p
romney was in p there are called delicate stat 12-delegate votesr grabs. >> my position is that i can help with pr becoming a state. >>vicki: mitt romney showing a slight lead in stay with us for that. >> the san jose sharks are tied for the eight plays tonight the took the detroit red wings winning 3-2. the sharks have 11 more games. against other teams. >>stanley: you have seen drivers going side was but leave it to me showing you the actual video. now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: when it rains some drivers put their driving skills right out the window. and just in case you missed it. it is again in slow motion the driver lost control. near hillsdale. >>stanley: you came out fast. >> it was wet. >> you were sideways. >> yes are try to correct it. >> this taxicab took out this light pole. for some reason. people think that they can speed up. this car was going 80 mph on the san mateo bridge. when the officer tried to pull it over, everything she learned was forgotten. >> get back on the lanes. >> get back on the lane, drive. >>stanley: it i
] complimentary drinks. free breakfast. more room. embassy suites. get more. >>vicki: mitt romney clinched today's primary in three go. the u.s. territory had 20 delegates up for grabs in at raleigh to call all of them. one political topic in getting a lot of attention is rising gas prices. dribbler reports the-run average is $3.84 a gallon. >> drivers in california, hawaii into your are really feeling the pain at the pub, prices are already at 4 $4 a gallon or more. >>president obama: there's no quick fix when it comes to gas prices. >> gas prices dominated the president's weekly address. >>president obama: if anyone tells you to have a plan for $2 gas, they're not looking for is listen, they're only looking for your vote. >> this president is an economic light weight and has made decisions that have for the american people. it is time to fit in face the economic heavyweight that i am, i will get the job done. when half vacant of death death fatback bit of care of care at her all loans noon winds and in a call them on monday marks the first day of spring. take a look air rainfall totals. with r
candidates, today mitt romney is getting aboost with endorsements from two conservatives in congress. house majority (esygkleader eri canter and senator tomko burn. he also won yesterday's 9gehñwith 38% of the vote. rick santorum on he suggested the gop nomination might have to be settled at this summer's republican convention. that's 4é romney has failed to close the deal with the voters. future on super tuesday. that will resurrect his fading candidacy. >> interview: i keep coming frontrunner in the national fron+runner in the national gasoline and an american energy plan designed to give us f?c3ó$çmiddle east so that no american president will ever again bow back the third time. in alaska. in saturday's washington caucus he came in second after romney. shot. he needs 1044 delegates to win the í(swf1ézparty's nomination. >>> vladimir putin scored a decisive victory, winning a dxsfor another 6 years. his eyes brimming with tears +vÑ proclaimed his supporters hood. already it has been marred by îc accusations of fraud. his opponents are vowing to dispute the results. >>> investigato
. >> reporter: tuesday marked another missed opportunity for mitt romney to shut down his rivals. an advisor said they weren't expecting a win. >> our goal was to take out 1/3 of the delegates, and possibly do slightly better than that. i think we will exceed that. >> reporter: the south seemed unlikely territory for the jury foreperson<:>er mas -- former massachusetts to succeed. newt gingrich had kept his xhain campaign focused on a sound rival. >> the fact is, in both states, the conservative candidate's got nearly 37% of the vote. if you're the frontrunner and you keep coming in third, you're not much of a frontrunner. >> reporter: ran ron paul didn't place too much of an emphasis on the primaries. additional delegates were up for grabs in hawaii and american samow a. >>> the warriors trade away their most electrifying player. hear from monta ellis himself. gary has that story and all the sports next. [ male announcer ] this march, dive into the subway® jalapeno tuna, featured $5 footlong™ of the month. explore a new world of flavor when our taste-rriffic tuna meets spicy jalapenos
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9